Monday 8 March 2010

Associates' Day

CMM is priviledged to have a group of people spread across the country who volunteer for us. These can be singers, dancers, instrumentalists, workshop leaders, prayer ministry team, bookstall sellers and CD operators. We have CMM team as far north as Elgin and Glasgow, as far west as Bangor and Bideford, as far south as the Isle of Wight (although of course we can't forget Paul in the Algarve) and as far East as Norwich. If there's anyone outside of these extremes let me know!

We call these amazing people Associates, and on the 30th January we had our first associates' day in quite a few years. With about 40 people present on the day, it was a wonderful opportunity for both CMM and EBRG to share some of the vision and aims of the ministry with some of our closest supporters.

The day included a session on worship and worship leading, as we are hoping to ask more and more of our associates to lead worship with us over the coming months and years. Then we looked at the doctrine and practice of the ministry, covering a wide spectrum from the profundities of 'Charismatic' and 'Evangelical' right through to laughing at Roger's jokes even when you've heard them a million times. After lunch we looked at repertoire and ministry songs, and also Holy Spirit workshops and ministry in the power of the Holy Spirit.

It was a day full of information, but it was great to share with everyone. Huge thanks to our associates, and all they do for us.

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