Friday 29 January 2010

Farewell to Lindsay

And now it is the turn of Lindsay to leave us. She has been given a new job at her church, directly over the road from her house (who can blame her!). So for a few weeks at the start of January we had both Lindsay and Tim working in the office (snow permitting), with Lindsay training Tim up to take over.

Lindsay then left us to have her tonsils out due to a calcium growth on them - and this is what happened:

"Good afternoon Rog

"At this particular time I should be feeling really anxious about getting
myself and the family ready for tomorrow..............................but I'm

"Well, yesterday morning I felt the calcium in my throat move, and guess
what? I swallowed it!!! I telephoned the hospital in the afternoon
and the doctor was on the ward and said to 'CANCEL' my op and he would see me in
6 weeks.

"Talk about the power of prayer!! I was totally stunned for most of
the day but of course extremely relieved not to have to go under the
We're over the moon here in the office. God is so good - we should expect him to do things like that a bit more often! We'll miss Lindsay here, but we know God will be with her and her family into the future.

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