Tuesday 9 March 2010

From Pharaoh to Freedom

On Saturday 6th February, CMM began what was to be an extremely busy week. Annie travelled to Bakewell in Derbyshire accompanied by Pam Griffiths and Andrew Lockwood for a day learning and performing From Pharaoh to Freedom.

Methodist minister Fran Lane (who knew Helen when she was 5 years old) organised the day at Peak Methodist Church, which was aimed to be an event uniting all the churches in the circuit in fun and fellowship. It certainly did that! There were over 80 in the choir, as well as a group of dancers and instrumentalists. Fran's husband Piers sang the parts of Moses and Jesus, and a girl from Cliff College sang some of the female solos along with Pam.

It was great to have Pam involved again. She hasn't sung solo with us for a long time, and she was one of the original Pharaoh soloists, singing the part of Miriam.

The performance was such a success that there will be a further performance on Sunday 30th May at Cliff College.

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