Friday 8 January 2010

Changes in the CMM office

It's a season of all kinds of changes, and particularly here in the CMM office. Back in October Anne Maddox had to leave us for family reasons, including the birth of her first grandchild - congratulations Anne!

And then early in December we heard that Lindsay has got a new job working as administrator for her Church's brand new premises, right over the road from her house. This meant that we needed to find two new members of staff pretty quickly.

Anne has been replaced by Nicky Hughes, from North Birmingham. Nicky has two grown up children and worships at a church in Walsall. It is great to have her working with us.

Lindsay leaves us at the end of January, and we are delighted to announce that she will be replaced by Tim Jones. Tim has a huge amount of experience in the Christian Music trade, having worked in Wesley Owen Birmingham, and then for Integrity Music. And it will be great for Roger to have another man about!

So do pray for us as we begin together as a team at the start of February.

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