Thursday 7 January 2010

CMM Choir

Sincere apologies for the huge delay in updating the CMM office blog. While the CMM team were travelling around the country performing Rock, the CMM choir were travelling around the West Midlands performing 'Wildfire'.

The amalgamation of both the East Birmingham Choir trained by Penny King and the West Birmingham Choir trained by Sylvia Whalley put on several fantastic performances:

20th September at Holy Trinity, West Bromwich
27th September at West Bromwich Baptist Church
3rd October at St. Martin's Walsall
8th November at Six Ways Baptist, Erdington
22nd November at Marston Green Free Church

The combined choir made a fantastic blended sound, and the soloists did a brilliant job. Jonathan Chappell took the part of Stephen, and Pat Woolridge the part of Rhoda. The other parts were sung by a variety of singers including Pete, Alan, David, Lomas, Sue, Fran, Miriam and Linda.

The audiences were thrilled with what they saw, even when Stephen used suprised members of the audience to be healed in Signs and Wonders. There was also a great dramatic element as all of the choir joined in throwing rocks in the stoning scene.

Well done to the choir - another fantastic series of performances. In the new year the choir will start rehearsing for Jail Break.

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