Tuesday 12 January 2010

A Day with Helena Wilkinson

On 29th November 2009, CMM came full circle. 30 years ago, a group of people started meeting to pray and work for renewal in East Birmingham. That group included Roger and Mary Jones, and they led a series of what they called 'Rallies' at Christ Church, Burney Lane. These Sunday evening services were a huge blessing, and part of the background of the ministries of both Roger and Peter Lawrence.

Now, in partnership with Christ Church, CMM have planned a series of renewal evenings at the church, and on the 29th November we held the first one. We were joined by Helena Wilkinson. She is a trained Christian Counsellor, and a writer, particularly focusing on eating disorders and other depression related illnesses. She often writes for CWR's Inspiring Women Every Day.

Helena spoke powerfully at Christ Church's morning service, particularly focusing on her testimony. Then in the afternoon she spoke at a seminar looking at healing below the water's surface. She used the image of an ice berg - eating disorders, self harm etc are just the tip of the iceberg that you can see above the water - 90% is still below the surface, and it is this area that needs to be carefully dealt with.

Then in the evening we held the first of a series of evening renewal services, and Helena spoke on 'The Power of Praise'. CMM provided the music for the service, and then Peter Smith, vicar of Christ Church led the ministry time.

It was a fantastic evening, and we really look forward to the events planned for this year:

21st February - Ian Parkinson, leader and host of New Wine North and East
18th April - Heather Butler, with a prophetic healing rooms ministry in Anglesey

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