Tuesday 21 July 2009

Rock in Plymouth

Last weekend Roger and a team (Ann, Helen, Kaye, Martin, Bill, Bob) travelled to Salisbury Road Baptist Church in Plymouth to spend an afternoon learning Rock with a performance in the evening.

The Plymouth event in the main Rock tour had to be cancelled, so this event occurred instead. A large choir of over 70 people gathered, many of whom had already learnt the musical, but also a few who had never seen it before. The choir covered the music amazingly quickly, and the sound they produced was absolutely fantastic. Helen added a bit on the flute as well as singing the part of Susannah, and she was joined by a local lady called Fenny on the viola.

A lovely feature of the day was that at the end of both the choir training sessions, Roger was able to do a bit of bible teaching to add a bit of perspective to make the story of Peter come even more alive.

After a lovely time of fellowship over the evening meal we held the evening performance. There wasn't a huge number of people in the audience because the weather outside was atrocious and there had been only a couple of weeks to advertise, but those that did come seemed to enjoy it.

The following morning Roger spoke at the morning service at Salisbury Road. He spoke on the Look of Love, and Ann and Kaye sang that song in ministry afterwards. It was a powerful moment.

Roger has been using his Look of Love talk a number of times over the past couple of months. It is a very powerful message, right at the heart of CMM's ministry, which is to "Tell my people I love them". Please pray that God continues to bless this theme and to speak through it.

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