Monday 27 July 2009

Lee Abbey Music Week 2009

Last week was CMM's annual visit to Lee Abbey for a music week. Once again it was a full house, and a wonderful time was had by all in such beautiful surroundings. The CMM team were Roger, Mary, Annie, Kathleen, Carole and Paul. They were supplemented as always by the Lee Abbey House team who do such a wonderful job integrating with the guests and making sure everything goes smoothly.

There were some great comments:

"Thanks Roger, Mary, Annie, Kathy and team. It was such a joy to participate in "Rock" as well as receive such excellent teaching and fellowship. God really blessed my socks off! Cya soon! X"

"Thanks Roger and team - it's been a great week. See you soon PS Cheryl says how much to remove her photo from Photobucket !! ;-)"

"Thanks for a great week. See you soon - looking forward to our performance of ROCK in Salisbury"

And if you want to see Cheryl's photo on photobucket, scroll down the page and click on the link on the bottom right to 'Roger's Photos'...

Roger writes:

It was a great week. There seemed to be a lot of people getting
really blessed, by the fellowship, rehearsals and teaching sessions.
Barrie managed to sing the Cornelius part, and even put in some “Bill-type”
add-libs! We had 50 in the Choir, and 14 in the orchestra, which was
remarkably well-balanced! All in all, it was a week full of fun,
culminating in a very powerful final production in front of a packed octag.
One person (Annie’s step-mum) said “I think ROCK is Roger’s most exciting

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