Tuesday 7 July 2009

Ways to Praise - Worthing

Last weekend Roger took a small team to Holy Trinity Worthing to lead a Ways to Praise day. Roger's team included Amy Carter (Rock and Jail Break instrumentalist) on clarinet and vocals, Sarah Moreton (Watford and Hemel Hempstead choir trainer and regular backing vocalist on CMM albums) on guitar and main vocals, and Philippa MacDowell on flute - it was Philippa's first event with us after she was spotted and snapped up at the Rock Roadshow in Crowborough.

CMM has a long history of connections in Worthing, mainly through Jane and George Hicks. Jane trained the Worthing choir for Rock back in March, and she has been involved with us for many years. While on tour, Roger stayed with the vicar of Holy Trinity, Lionel, and it provided an excellent platform for the day's events.

Roger was thrilled to find that the whole worship team for Holy Trinity was present for Saturday's sessions, and also most of the leadership team. It really is wonderful when the whole of a church is behind an event, and eager to grow and develop. Roger could see that God was really blessing people, speaking to them, giving gifts, and creating openings for new things to happen.

The team also contributed to the morning service on Sunday. Roger led worship and spoke, and Lionel used the worship times to invite the Holy Spirit to come on the congregation. The Sunday morning service that usually lasts an hour and a half stretched to 2 hours - hopefully no-one burnt the roast...

Thanks so much to Jane, Lionel and all at Holy Trinity for inviting us to share with you.

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