Tuesday, 5 February 2019

The intern's tale part 5 - January 2019

Hiya folks,

Belated Happy New Year… I hope you’ve all had a great start to the year, and I trust God is helping you along the way.

This month has been haywire, with things cropping up and a bit mad. I have started at a new school, had various tests for my heart, physio sessions for shoulder and am now a year older. I'm also feeling better, as I’m taking things slower now!

The start to the year began with the EBRG retreat weekend at Shallowford House, I went just for the Saturday teaching and evening meal. It was a brilliant day all round and I thoroughly enjoyed it. It was a very moving day, we had talks, time to listen to God and prayer time with friends. During one of the songs that was played to us, I had a vision that can only have been sent from God. A woman was crying whilst running out of a house and down the street as fast as she could possibly run, and then a big bird, maybe an eagle, flew down the street after her and landed in front of her as Jesus. He asked her “Why are you running so fast?”, she replied with “Because I’m not worthy, I don’t deserve your love, I am far from perfect.” She proceeded to cry in the street. He took her by the hand and said to her “You are more than worthy, you are perfect to me just the way you are.” They stood there for a minute before taking her hand and walking with her back towards the house. I stood in front of the group at Shallowford and spoke of what I had seen whilst I was listening to the music. It was like I was watching a video. I wanted to share this with you as this may apply to some of you and I feel that it’s important to share this as God showed this to me so I can send the message to others. It was good to share the day with so many lovely people and talk with some new faces, spend time with God and have some social time as well in the evening. It was a very spiritually encouraging day.

During the first couple of weeks in the office, I had to do the most exciting job: stock taking. This entailed a lot of me stood on step ladders lifting boxes, counting (or rather losing count and starting again haha) and re-organising certain stock. The office and stock room are complete…it’s surprising how much you can have in just two rooms. At the top of the blog is a picture of me counting CDs on spindles...

From the second week of January I started at a new school in Bournville, which I am loving as the school and the staff are so lovely. I am specifically working with Year 3, but I have been with all the year groups, as well as helping with the choir on a Thursday. I am getting on with the children there which has been good, but I am working more closely with special needs children which is so rewarding as they seem to respond to me well and we get some good work done. The teachers are very thankful for the extra pair of hands towards the end of the week.

I am working towards the end of my personal statement to put in for my application for PGCE, in which I would like to specialise in special needs if I can, as I feel passionate about the understanding teachers need to be able to help them learn to the best of their abilities.

This month has been rather busy with extra stuff…we have had mine and Annie’s joint birthday with CMM office as we’re only a week apart. Who knew pizza express could make amazing dairy free pizzas? STUNNING. We’ve had a social for CMM choir which was nice, as we got to talk to people who we don’t normally have time to chat to and The People’s Orchestra has started back up, so tonnes of practise to do!

As some people who know me, I am rubbish with technology. It seems to break when I try something new. I previously installed Sibelius onto my laptop so that I could work on God is our Shelter and Strength at home, but it broke and wouldn’t open… It took a full day of Helen fiddling with settings stuff to be able to install it. Don’t know what I did, but it didn’t like me. I have since been working on it and got slightly further with harmonies and piano accompaniment on the piece which is exciting.

Since starting back with the CMM choirs, I have been trying to help a bit more, and assisted with bookstall to make life a bit easier and burning the part CDs to order. I am slowly learning to do the bookstall by observing and helping if needed. We are learning From Pharaoh to Freedom which is one of my favourites of Roger’s musicals! I have been allocated a rehearsal Bible study in a couple of months which is terrifying… I can play in front of people, but speaking to a room-full is scary, but God will help me and give me the strength and courage to get me through.

As most of you may already know, we are relaunching The Torn Curtain Communion Setting in a few weeks’ time which is going to be good. Unfortunately, I am unable to attend due to a previous commitment, although I have been doing some advertising for this and the responses which I’ve got from churches has been brilliant. It looks like it may have a good turnout which would be amazing.

This coming weekend Roger has asked me to lead worship for one of the sessions which is something completely new and scary… God will be with me and power me through. Being tested to the best of my ability and confidence 😊.

God Bless you all,

Gemma x

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