Friday 21 July 2017

I didn't expect that!

The Music Week at Abbot Hall in 2017 focused on Angel Voices, a musical based on the Book of Revelation. Alison Rushton attends CMM Music Weeks regularly and reflects on this year's event:

Going back to Abbot Hall each year is an encouragement, being able to meet up with old friends and rekindle fellowship as soon as I arrive. 

I joined the Prayer Ministry team at my church after one of Roger’s talks last year led me to believe he was speaking to me directly. It wasn't something I had thought of, but the calling was very strong. It was reinforced by a subsequent sermon which gave me the same message. 

This year at Abbot Hall we had a session on Prayer Ministry. I felt comfortable taking part in it, although in the past this would have taken me a long way out of my comfort zone. 

My biggest challenge has always been to read the bible more. Roger told us to treat it as lots of stories in one book rather than 
one big book. This helps to make it less daunting. I have never been a prolific reader. I tend to do handicrafts so the challenge is to pick up the bible as much as possible and choose a book to read. I will start with Philippians. 

During the PSH (Planned Spontaneous Happening) parts of Angel Voices in the Friday rehearsal, I found myself singing words I didn’t understand. I believe I was singing in tongues and found it came quite easily. I didn’t expect that to happen at all!

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