Friday, 16 May 2014

11 Jan 2014 Simeon at Barnt Green

And so into 2014!  This first event of the year was technically not a CMM event, but it was great to go along and support it.  Katie Leaver, formerly of the CMM office, and a regular soloist, held a special day to learn the musical Simeon and perform it in the evening.  A number of CMM staff supported it - Tim played drums and Roger piano, as well as Annie on viola and Mary in the choir.  Tim's family also joined in with Emma on violin, Michael on guitar, and Bethany singing.  Roger had a bit of a shock when he sat down to play piano to realise that he had never actually played the music!

The day went really well, with the children particularly stealing the show.  Katie was amazing, and the final performance was great.
Katie in action training the choir
Working with the children
The tenors and basses
Roger working hard - and Katie's son Joe
Some of the soloists, including Sheila - a CMM associate
The children having fun
The choir
The band

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