Monday, 14 May 2012

In at the deep end

Roger came back from his sabbatical and was thrown straight in the deep end with a very full weekend in Salisbury.  He began on the Saturday with a special Two Sisters and a Funeral day.  The choir had been working really hard under the care of Andy Larkham and Grahame Chubb, and so Roger was able to include plenty of Bible teaching in the day.

He was joined on team by Sarah (Martha), Phil (Jesus), Paul (Lazarus) and Wendy (Mary).  Wendy had to step into the Mary role at the last minute because Caroline was ill, but she did a fantastic job.  Roger was also joined by Gill and Brian who travelled to Salisbury to be the prayer team.  Gill and Brian hadn't been on a CMM event for a while, and they were really blessed to see all that God was doing.

The performance itself was brilliant - the choir sang amazingly well and there was a full church at St. Paul's to listen to them.  The following morning the team were at St. Mark's Church - Roger speaking and Sarah, Brian and Gill taking part.  St. Mark's was a bit smaller, but full of life with a prayer team ready to pray with people when Roger had finished.

It was great for CMM to go to Salisbury again - we look forward to next time!

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