Thursday 8 March 2012

A Weekend with Devon

On Saturday and Sunday we held two very special evenings with Devon and friends.  The first was at Marston Green Baptist Free church near Birmingham International Airport, and the second was at Devon's own church, Millpool Hill Church, in South Birmingham.

Both evenings were delightful.  The 'friends' included the CMM choir, who divided themselves between the two venues, and did a wonderful job, having learnt the music over a very short space of time for these evenings.  Other soloists were Jonathan Warburton on trombone, Liz Malortie on flute, Katie Leaver, Ann Steer, Barrie Renwick, Jonathan and Linda Chappell.  Annie conducted the choir and sang, and Helen interviewed Devon to keep him on track.

As the Saturday evening was more of a concert, we were able to include a bit more material and an interval.  On the Sunday we had less material, but because it was Devon's home church, there was a really great atmosphere, and he was able to relax and enjoy himself a bit more.

A highlight of Saturday was the presence of Martin Bates and Keith Dennis, both teachers at Devon's secondary school.  Martin and Keith together wrote the musical 'King' - Devon's first ever singing role.  We were delighted to be able to hear a song from King - it was wonderfully dramatic!

Next weekend we have an evening with Alison Fuggle, again with the CMM choir.  Should be great.

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