Thursday, 14 April 2011

Rock on Vancouver Island 2

The truck half way up a mountain
Here's the next update!

On Monday during the free day Bill, Devon, Ann and I went out for a bit of an explore, driving the truck up one of the local mountains until we hit snow and had to come down again.  After lunch at Deborah's house (she's bought in loads of wheat-related products like pizza which she can't eat herself, so we have to help), we all went to Cowichan Bay, and had a look around while finding a few geocaches. 
Geocaching in Cowichan Bay

The early evening rehearsal went pretty well - the choir are singing well, and they sound good.  We're joined by two soloists - Trish and Mat.  Trish is playing the part of Zillah, and is really good and confident.  Mat is playing the part of Jesus.  Roger got him having a go at the prophetic moment at the end of song 15, and he went for it, which was brilliant.  There is also a young girl called Joline, who filled in the solos for their rehearsals, and she is really good indeed, so we have managed to get her singing all kinds of bit parts - it's a shame there isn't more for her to do.

On a walk near Alison's House
Yesterday Ann, Bill and I went out for a lovely walk near where Ann and I are staying.  It is a fantastic bit of woodland - it isn't evergreen, so it is full of wildlife and wonderful moss-covered rocks. After lunch at Deborah's we had a bit of a rest, and then travelled to Deborah's church - St. Peter's.  Roger has brought with him a special communion liturgy devised for us by Peter Moger, who used to be the Archbishop of Canterbury's adviser on liturgy.  It intersperses the song 'Behold the Lamb' with a special liturgy, and the people at St. Peter's are very excited about having a liturgy with some music interspersed.  They have a wonderful grand piano, which Roger loved playing.  
Inside St. Peter's Church

After the time at St. Peter's we went to Sue's house for dinner.  Sue is the main organiser of this trip, and also the musical director at St. John's.  She's married to a man from Middlesbrough called Dave.  Roger loves talking football with him!

Yesterday evening we held a music and worship workshop at St. John's. There were 20-30 there, some of whom are involved in leading worship at their own church.  Roger led his planning and leading worship workshop, and also his structuring praise workshop.  Both of which added up to nearly 2 hours of Roger talking, plus some songs.  Our bottoms felt it on the pews, but otherwise everyone was really engaged.  A lot of what Roger had to share was new to people, and they seemed to really appreciate it.  The new version of 'O the deep deep love of Jesus' is really going down well.

Today is our day off, and we're planning to drive down to Victoria and have a look round.

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