Thursday, 9 December 2010

A Marston Green Morning

On Sunday morning, Helen braved the snow and travelled to Marston Green Free Baptist Church.  The church has been in an interregnum for a while, and they have often been visited by Geoff Rudge, one of the EBRG trustees.  This was Helen's second preaching engagement at the church, and this particular Sunday was the second in Advent, and also their toy service.

Several of the members of the congregation have been involved in the CMM choir, or attended the Churches Together in Solihull quiet day that Helen led in October, so it was great to see some familiar faces.  The main organiser was Stella Reece, who helps to lead the music at the church.

Helen had two short talks in the service - and two willing (and unwilling) volunteers in the only children present in the service, two sisters.  The older one, Raphaella, caused a smile - in the prayers of thanksgiving the congregation were asked to talk about the most beautiful thing they had seen that week, and Raphaella was heard to say 'My hair'.  To be fair, it was impressive - blonde, and she'd had it crimped that week.

The second of the two talks was similar to the service in Sandiacre the previous week.  Helen spoke about 'The God who Speaks' (it was Bible Sunday) and managed to get the congregation asking the Spirit to come, waiting, and listening for words etc.  They did really well - a couple of them even dared to share out loud what they felt God was saying.

Afterwards, one lady shared that she normally finds it hard to listen to God as her brain is so busy and she is thinking about what she has to do.  She says that in the silence at church she felt completely at peace, and a voice in her head repeating the words 'I love you'.  How wonderful.

Brian, one of the members of EBRG has been prompted by God to write a book about prophecy and hearing God speak.  Nine or ten of the congregation at the church took copies away with them.

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