Thursday, 16 December 2010

An evening with the sisters

On Saturday night we travelled to St. John's House in Alum Rock in Birmingham.  This is the community of the sisters of St. John the Divine, who have long supported CMM, hosting Miriam Dix for her gap year, and Helen for her first 3 years at CMM before getting married.  As a result, CMM has linked up with the sisters for a yearly advent evening, and this year Roger led the evening focusing on the advent theme of 'The God who comes'. 

It was a lovely evening - the CMM team was all 'In house' - Roger, Mary, Annie and Helen, and we led carols, songs, and the sisters joined in with the readings.  The chapel is a wonderful prayerful place to be, and there were a number of other guests alongside the sisters who all seemed to enjoy the atmosphere.

One of the songs included was 'Within a crib', which had its premiere at the evening.  Roger is beginning a collaboration with hymn lyric writer Timothy Dudley-Smith, and this was one of Roger's first tunes to his words.  Watch this space for more information on that project!

Following the advent presentation, the sisters provided some wonderful homemade mince pies.  A great way to finish the evening.

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