Thursday, 18 November 2010

Two Sisters rehearsal

The first real outing of the new musical is coming up - we're going to Barrow-in-Furness at the end of November to hold a workshop day for a 50th birthday party for one of CMM's closest supporters.  This is really a dress rehearsal - our official launch is on 5th February.

On Tuesday evening we had a rehearsal for the soloists travelling to Barrow - Emily, Martin, Devon, Caroline, Bill and Jonathan.  One of the key things to rehearse were the narrations that Alison Fuggle has written to fit between each of the songs.  Devon, Emily and Caroline did a great job seeing them for the first time, and still putting some wonderful expression into the words.

Roger and Annie will also be travelling to Barrow, and there were also some hangers-on at the rehearsal - Amy, Helen and Richard, who just came for the company!

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