Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Two Sisters - in the post!

The last couple of weeks have been very fraught indeed here at CMM. We've been proofing and re-proofing the vocal score for the new musical, which finally went in the post last night, and we have been working extremely hard in mixing the new album.

It really has been a team effort, with Annie, Chris, Roger and Tim all involved in mixing, Helen, Nicky and Annie proofing and sorting out the score, and Andrew working hard on the various bits of artwork. We've all also had to listen to the album over and over again - Mary must be sick of it already and it hasn't come back from the duplicators yet!

Anyway, we hope to have the CDs and books back within a week or so, so all those people who have generously pre-ordered will be receiving their copies soon!

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Peter Holman said...

Can hardly wait for score and recording! Waiting for you at Camborne (Cornwall) in September '11!