Thursday, 24 June 2010

An Evening with Devon

On Sunday 7th March (yes, I know I'm behind with the blog!) we held our first ever Evening with Devon. It was a bit of an experiment with a programme we might like to use in future - taking some of CMM's associates and giving them chance to use their gifts and share their testimonies.

The evening with Devon included testimony and lots of songs. There were lots of Roger's songs, as well as some worship songs, two of Devon's own compositions and two songs from other musicals - 'All I ask of you' and 'Tonight'. Devon sang the latter two with Katie Leaver, who he often sings with in concerts around the Redditch/Bromsgrove area.

The team for the night was Annie, Helen, Roger, Katie Leaver, Amy Carter, Tim Jones on drums, Jonathan Chappell, Martin Fisher and Simon & Laura Cooper. As we had no choir for the occasion we had a lot of rehearsal time beforehand to make sure we knew all the four-part harmony for Roger's material.

The evening took place at St. Andrew's Church in Barnt Green, and we had a lovely big congregation, including Lindsay (formerly of the CMM office) and her mum, who Devon often sees at her nursing home. We were looked after brilliantly at St. Andrew's, including tea and cakes afterwards.

The evening went almost without a hiccough - Devon didn't have his glasses with him, so he attempted all of the music from memory. He almost got there...

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