Friday, 20 February 2009

A week by the sea

On 8th February, despite heavy snow forecasts, Roger and Helen travelled to Whitby on the Yorkshire coast accompanied by Tim and Lydia Dock. It was Tim and Lydia's first time on team with CMM, although they have long been known to us through the Lee Abbey music week (where they first met - awwww). Tim sings the part of David on the most recent recording. We were joined by Mike and Barbara Rowarth, and Barrie Renwick.

The week was at Moorlands Hotel right on the West Cliff at Whitby, and it is one of the various Christian Guild Hotels we travel to every year. There were about 30 guests at the hotel, and quite a few people joined us from the local area. The week was based around the Torn Curtain.

Every morning we had a bible session led by Roger, and the themes were:
Approaching the Most Holy Place
Being in the Most Holy Place
Receiving in the Most Holy Place
Ministry in the Most Holy Place

Following these sessions Helen led rehearsals of the musical, and the small group of people gradually turned into a pretty good choir, with some excellent soloists - Kathleen, Amanda and Clyde the only guests outside the CMM team brave enough to audition!

The evenings were a variety of events including an evening with Helen based on Simon Peter, a praise evening, an introduction to Wholeness Through Christ from Mike and Barbara, and the performance/service/communion on the Thursday night. Our audience was perhaps a little limited because Whitby was cut off from the rest of the country by severe snow showers on Thursday afternoon.

Helen Drummond, local URC minister led the communion section of the Torn Curtain performance, and in a unique evening, Roger, Tim and Lydia accompanied the choir, while Helen conducted - the first music week ever without Roger conducting the final performance. I don't think people minded too much...

This comment was received from one of the guests:

Hard to think Whitby is already over a week away. It was a wonderful week
and I came home recharged. Thanks again to you Roger and the rest of the

Thankfully the snow had melted enough for us all to get home the next day. Thanks to Moorlands again for hosting us. I hope we can go back next year.

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