Monday, 29 September 2008

Cheadle Hulme

(From the Rock Blog...)

The Rock Cast's first away event was a great success. After a very early start (the day before for Bill!), the team arrived a Cheadle Hulme for a Rock from Scratch day organised by Paul Barnsley and 'Heart Notes'.

During the day Roger and Annie trained a choir of over 90, while Helen rehearsed the cast separately. Roger and Annie found the time invaluable, discovering what are the 'accident blackspots' in the musical, and which bits will be good to work on with the choirs at previsits. The cast worked incredibly hard - particularly the understudies who had a chance to really work at the drama.

At the end of the day we put everything together, and performed the musical to one another, even including small bits of drama. Bill, as Cornelius, had memorised the narrations from the vocal score, which gave the overall performance great coherence. Looking forward to putting the drama in now!

If you'd like to see photos of Cheadle, and the cast rehearsals, click here

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