Tuesday, 6 May 2008

Wildfire in Bridport

Last weekend a CMM team consisting of Roger, Bill, Caroline, Jonathan, Linda and Helen travelled down (or in Bill's case, across) to Bridport in Dorset. A choir of about 40 there had been rehearsing Wildfire for several weeks, and the CMM team just travelled down to provide soloists and to lead the final rehearsals.

The choir had been excellently trained, and it was a wonderful performance on Saturday evening, as part of Bridport's Hope08 campaign. The church was pretty full with audience, and they really got involved, clapping along and joining in with the last couple of songs.

One choir member said this:

…unable to speak to you personally after the concert on Saturday in Bridport and so I thought this the best way to say thank you so much for such a wonderful day and amazing musical. I didn't want the evening to stop! (Presumably this is what heaven will be like!!!)

We have had a great time practising over the past couple of weeks and despite not being able to read music I have loved taking part, and have not been made to feel stupid.

I have been through a few difficult months with family problems, but Saturday just took me "out of myself" and I feel so exhilarated and uplifted by the whole event and am "rejoicing in the Lord" in spite of all that is happening. I do hope you and your lovely team will be persuaded to come back to us next year for Rock!.

And indeed we were persuaded - Rock will be performed in Bridport United Church on Monday 26th October 2009

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