Tuesday, 18 March 2008

Message from Canada part 1

This is an edited version of the first message Roger sent from Canada last week:


Hi Folks

We’re in a beautiful place here, but not much signal (internet or mobile). We have been very busy, but today (Tuesday) we are having a complete day off. Maybe going for a walk this afternoon - it’s lakes, sea and mountains here!

Just a few things to report:

FRI – Victoria Choir rehearsal – about 15 of them, well trained and ready to go. No problem with syncopation in Canada, but, they left the improvised bits for me to go through with them. They responded well.

SAT – “Freedom in Christ” Conference –a good number attended, a lot of great worship times, and they seemed to be responding to the teaching and “Come Holy Spirit” times.

SUN – Morning Services at St John’s Duncan. I led the worship at the 1015 more informal service. The folks really got going and were very enthusiastic.
- Evening Seminar – more lovely worship – I abandoned my programme and went with the flow of the Spirit. Kathleen and Devon did magnificently well in leading and prophesying. By the end of the evening we had encouraged quite a number of the Canadian folk to have a go at prophesying! A young girl gave a very moving testimony of how God had set her free and really blessed her when she came over to Lee Abbey for our Jail Break Music Week in 2006. “A bruised reed he will not break.”

MON – evening rehearsal in Duncan with their choir and the soloists - Great talent and a super team. They are praying that many will come to the productions at the weekend.

Bless you all,


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