Tuesday, 18 December 2007

Rock gathering pace...

One of the main features of office life at the moment is Roger's daily 'Rock chat'. He comes into the office and talks for a couple of minutes about how far he has got with some composing the night before, or what is going on behind the scenes. It's quite exciting having a daily update in this way, so I thought it was time for the CMM blog to have it's own 'Rock chat'.

Roger has finished most of the songs now, and sent them off to various people - Chris King, the recording producer, Tim - Roger's son, and Annie, who will sequence them and design backing tracks. There is a date fixed in early January where Roger will play and sing to EBRG, his support group, so that they have more of an idea of what they will be focusing on for the next two years. So Roger has his first deadline...

Also, auditions for the solo parts in Rock took place a week ago. It was a very successful evening, if scary, for the quality of all the auditionees was very high indeed. The cast have now been chosen, and they will be formally announced soon. Please pray for them, particularly bearing in mind the understudies who have very much a servant role. Also pray for those who were not chosen, as the news will have been very painful.

The tour of Rock itself is also coming along well, with many venues confirmed and booked ready for choirs to begin rehearsing ahead of their performance. There are many nervous administrators out there who have paid deposits on halls before Roger has even finished writing. Please pray and thank God for them.

Finally, still to come is the dance auditions in April, a hunt for instrumentalists, and Alison Fuggle will soon begin work on the drama. There are so many loose ends, but gradually things are falling into place.

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