Tuesday, 13 November 2007

Off the mainland...

Isle of Wight trip 2007 - Jail Break

Last weekend Roger, Annie, Katie, Devon, Martin, Simon, Ann, Helen, and Mary all made their way 'down south' to Southampton, and from there on the ferry to the Isle of Wight. We had a good journey down and a fabulous ferry crossing, arriving on the island in plenty of time for an evening meal and rehearsal with the choir.

The choir - about 40 strong, were fabulous, brilliantly trained and well balanced, making a lovely sound. Also, a big mention needs to go here to David the technician, who worked tirelessly and did a wonderful job.

On Saturday morning we enjoyed a nice wander on the beach at Shanklin (not something we midlanders get to do very often) with Jane, Helen and Simon's host, her dog Mille, and Barrie, a friend and great supporter of CMM who had travelled down from Hull for a short holiday. The holiday for us was short lived though, because in the afternoon we had to get down to work rehearsing at St. John's church, Sandown, ready for the evening performance. Despite the cold, and a large fireworks display outside during some of Trish's narrations, the performance went really well with a good sized audience, and a scary amount of TV cameras belonging to Rodney Hearth. Will there be a "Making Waves part 2?" Could be interesting.

Then on Sunday, the team split up for morning service. Roger, Ann, Mary and Simon travelled to Shanklin URC church, and Helen, Devon, Katie and Martin visited Beulah Evangelical Church, on the outskirts of Ryde. Then it was down to work once again with an afternoon performance of Jail Break at St. John's church, Newport. Aided by a lovely performance from Leanne as the slave girl, and a large audience, we had a wonderful production, followed by some good conversations and sharing over tea and coffee.

The work over, we then enjoyed an evening at Brian and Janet's - Roger and Mary's hosts, and then a day off on Monday, which included fish and chips on the beach, a visit to the Needles, and a rather bizarre and dangerous fireworks event at Yarmouth.

A good weekend, and we pray that God will richly bless the people we came into contact with on the Island.
Photos: Helen, Ann and Katie singing Broken Chains, and Rodney with one of his cameras

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