Tuesday 29 September 2020

Torn Curtain Bible Studies - late September eNews

Hi Friends,

I’m absolutely delighted to announce the release of our latest house group/Bible study book:

TORN CURTAIN BIBLE STUDIES – 96 pages, £6.99 from CMM.

This has been written by Dave Gidney (edited by Helen Pollard), and is a ready-to use practical resource, containing material for nine separate house group meetings. It can be used for individual study, house-groups, sermon series, etc. It’s ready to use straightaway, with prayers, worship suggestions, Bible teaching and questions, as well as activity ideas. Dave is a splendid Bible-teacher and I’m sure many will be richly blessed by this book.

Order from us direct and we’ll also give you a free copy of Peter Lawrence’s BIBLICAL SNAKES BIBLICAL LADDERS (also available separately at special price of £5).

Dave Gidney will be leading three TORN CURTAIN video study evenings on Mondays 09, 16 and 23 November, so do book the dates!

And finally…

Watch out! The camels are coming!!! Our new musical THREE WISE CAMELS will be available next month, and we’re all very excited about it. You can now order in advance, which will indeed help our cashflow – much needed at present.

Keep in touch – there’s a lot happening at CMM and we really value your support and encouragement,




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