Tuesday 26 September 2017

Moray News reports on CMM Tour of north Scotland

CMM made it into the The Press and Journal's Moray News last week when our cast joined choirs trained by local people in the north of Scotland to perform in five churches. The headline of the newspaper article wasn't accurate regarding funding. However, donations were made to the ongoing work of Christian Music Ministries along the way. The Roger Jones musical Barnabas attracted large audiences around north Scotland and on the team's return journey via Penrith Methodist Church.

Clipping from The Press and Journal. Click image to enlarge.

Comments on Facebook included:
"I'd like to thank all who was involved last night at the concert, incredible just isn't a good enough word to describe it. It was beyond amazing. I felt full of the spirit throughout the show. The words of the songs are so wonderful. It was so very moving. I can't say thank you enough, I'm so blessed to have watched you all last night, I truly loved it!" Ruth Gosling

"Great night with Roger and his team. I might be biased but the choir were the brilliant! A real blessing for everyone there. Thank you to everyone for whatever part they played tonight xx" Shauna Dicks

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