Thursday 28 September 2017

CMM's recent tour of north Scotland with Barnabas

The Roger Jones musical Barnabas tells the exciting story of Barnabas the encourager, as he and Saul visit Cyprus on the first part of their missionary journey. Travelling from Salamis in the east to Paphos in the west they share the good news of Jesus with both Jews and Gentiles, culminating in a dramatic encounter with the Roman Proconsul and a Jewish sorcerer.

The CMM tour of north Scotland began in Inverness (St Stephen's) and moved on to Kildary (Logie Easter), Lossiemouth and Aberlour.

The tour left Scotland for a rehearsal and performance at Penrith Methodist Church on the way home.

Click on the links below to see photos in slideshow format from all of the venues.
Watch out for an article in this Blog by CMM's new intern, Rachel Haddon, whose early experiences of CMM include the Scottish tour.

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