Thursday 13 November 2014

07 November 2014 - Lunch at Calvary Chapel

On Friday Helen, Devon and Amy enjoyed a lovely lunch with a group of over 40 people at Calvary Chapel, King's Heath.  Roger had visited with Helen and Devon back in 2011, so it was great to return and give them an update on the ministry.

The church, pastored by Claire Williams, has a lunch every month, and they enjoy a variety of speakers.  Helen shared about the continuing ministry with Rock and Two Sisters, including the songs 'Surely you must have been with him', 'Simon Peter, do you love me' and 'Oh the deep, deep love of Jesus'.  She also shared some pictures of the ministry with the musicals in Israel, Ireland and Cyprus.

Another key ministry development to share was the new book, Worship Works.  After sharing some key points from the book, the event culminated with Devon's song 'O Lord how excellent you are', which provides a wonderful ministry opportunity.

It was a lovely event - we are indeed privileged to have the support of that wonderful group.

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