Wednesday 15 October 2014

20-27 September 2014 - Apostle on the Isle of Wight

Annie training the choir
Our final music week of the year was held at St Rhadagund's, near Ventnor on the south coast of the Isle of Wight.  It is always a great joy to visit this hotel and interact with the staff and guests there.  As with our weeks at Grange, Lee Abbey and Willersley, this time the focus of the music week was the musical Apostle, and Annie worked hard all week training the choir ready for the performance.

The CMM team
Alongside the choir rehearsals, Roger gave some Bible teaching based on the book of Ephesians, and different members of the CMM team led worship, workshops and epilogues.  The CMM team for the week was Roger, Mary, Annie, Kathleen, Bill and Barrie.  Sharon unofficially joined the team as well, and it was great to have her.

Carole and Graham
One of the joys of the week was the presence of Carole and Graham.  They have been coming to music weeks for a few years now, and have even been involved as associates - and now they have got married, and this week on the Isle of Wight was one part of their honeymoon.  It was a real honour for Roger and the team to lead a special marriage blessing time.

Leading worship at Shanklin URC
The team were also able to take part in the morning service at Shanklin URC, and the church provided some wonderful musicians to help with the final performance on the Friday.  For the final performance Barrie did a great job as Saul, and it was lovely to have Mike playing the narrator role of Barnabas.

Annie, Roger and some musicians from Shanklin URC
Sopranos and Altos
Mike as Barnabas
More musicians from Shanklin URC
Barrie as Saul
Some 'priests'
Final rehearsal

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