Tuesday 21 October 2014

04 October 2014 - Worship Works in Weston

On Saturday 4th November Roger, Annie and a team spent the day at Christ Church, Montpelier, Weston-super-Mare with Worship Works.  The team was made up of Bill, Kaye and Marilyn, and then at the last minute Jackie and her son Sam stepped in on saxophone and drums.  It was great to have Jackie and the family at the day.

Roger instigated the day, but he was ably assisted by Jo Potter, who worked really hard to organise the day and did a brilliant job.  She was worried by low numbers of bookings, but eventually over 50 people came, which was a great turnout.

The day began with a block of praise led by Annie, including 'Come, people of the risen King' and 'How great thou art'.  Since much of the day is spent explaining the concept of the praise block and ways to lead and implement it, this is a vital part of the day.

The first session concluded with the song 'Light of the world' but with a twist.  As we worship God, he reveals more of his love to us.  After singing the song, the congregation were invited to listen and receive from God as a soloist sang 'So here I am to worship, here I am to bow down, here I am to say that you're my child'.  It was a special moment and the Holy Spirit was really moving.

After lunch the group split into two workshops.  Roger led a group looking at creative and prophetic worship, and Annie led a healing in worship workshop.  The day finished as it had started, with worship.

Most of the team then stayed to take part in the morning service the next day at Kaye's church, Clarence Park Baptist.  Roger also led the service the previous week at a different church in the Weston area, so it had been a brilliant 10 days.

If you are interested in having a team from CMM come to your church for a Worship Works day, do contact office@cmm.org.uk and we can organise it!

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