Friday 24 October 2014

18 October 2014 - Apostle in Camborne

While Annie was leading Apostle in Caersws, Roger, Mary and Helen travelled to Camborne along with Devon and Bob to lead their own Apostle weekend.  Sadly Caroline and Dave weren't able to come, so Mary stepped in on alto, and a local man called Malcolm took over the part of Barnabas.  They already had some local priests.

The parish church in Camborne has a choir that is occasionally supplemented by a singing group called the St Martin's singers.  On this occasion both of those choirs were supplemented by singers from Truro and St Ives to create a fabulous choir of over 30.  They had been trained very well (although their choir trainer was out of the country) and had worked hard to learn the words.  As most of them were able to look up from their copies the majority of the time, there was lots of eye contact with the conductor, and therefore the expression was excellent.

The Saturday included morning and afternoon rehearsals, as well as the performance in the evening.  It had all been expertly organised by Jo and the St Martin's singers committee, and they also hosted the team.  We were also looked after all day by Jason who controlled the sound system - he was brilliant - up and down ladders and making everything as good as it possibly could be in an awkward shape ancient building!

In the evening there was a great audience, including a few familiar faces from elsewhere in the country who just happened to be visiting the area. Apart from a couple of forgotten lines (not from Devon for once!) the performance went incredibly well, and Roger shared when he became a Christian as part of his talk.

On the Sunday morning we took part in the morning service at the church, which was challenging because of the many pillars blocking the screen (the choir had to process down to the congregation seats during the worship block).  Helen led worship, Roger spoke from Ephesians, and Devon sang 'O Lord how excellent you are' as part of the ministry time.

It really was a fabulous weekend.  Thanks so much to all those who helped to organise it.

The priests

Devon in action

Malcolm as Barnabas

Bob as Ananias

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