Wednesday 10 September 2014

August 2014 Lee Abbey

After a couple of weeks of quiet in July, the CMM team of Roger, Mary, Annie and Helen joined by Sally and Karl travelled to Lee Abbey for the Apostle music week.  This year the musical for all of our main music weeks has been Apostle, and Roger took the themes of 'Sit, Walk, Stand' for his morning talks.

Once again we were privileged to be supported by John and Ann, the pastoral couple, and this year the Lee Abbey host team was excellently led by Amy.

Highlights of the week include Karl's hip hop workshop, where people wrote and performed their own raps, accompanied by instrumentalists.  Sally led a dance workshop, ably assisted by Molly...  It was wonderful to see Molly able to run around and join in with the dancing.  There was also a lovely outdoor communion service on the Thursday evening, and Annie, Helen and Tim were able to join Jamie in leading worship.  The annual Lee Abbey community show was one of the best ever, and our own performance of Apostle on the friday evening wasn't bad either!

Ann and John Pangbourne, the pastoral helpers
Helen working with the choir

Annie working with the orchestra

Sally's dance workshop
Michael at the hip hop workshop
Roger demonstrating 'hip hop cello'
Karl working with some of the community on their raps
The annual podex match against the camp
Robin celebrated his 70th birthday at Lee Abbey this year
And so did Mary!
Helen, Annie, Tim and Jamie leading worship outside
All together for the final rehearsal

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