Thursday 29 May 2014

17 May 2014 Worship Works in Birmingham

On Saturday 17th May Helen and a team went to Carrs Lane Church in the centre of Birmingham to hold a Worship Works morning for the Birmingham Methodist Circuit.  Helen is already a preacher in that circuit, so it was great to be able to share Worship Works with the preachers and worship leaders there.

Helen's team consisted of Amy, Jane and Ellen, and they were all amazing - Amy sang, played clarinet and pressed play and pause on the backing tracks.  Ellen played trumpet and treble recorder, and also sang some of the harmonies.  Jane prayed and read and danced.  It was also great to have Helen's husband James join in on guitar for one of the blocks of praise.

The Methodist Church has recently compiled a new book - 'Singing the Faith' - to replace their old book 'Hymns and Psalms'.  The main difference is that Singing the Faith also includes songs, so Helen took the opportunity to teach about psalms, hymns and songs, and the role each type plays in worship.  For the second half of the morning Helen took the theme of tabernacle, and used this to talk about how as preachers and worship leaders we should be bringing congregations into the Most Holy Place.

A massive thanks to all of the team, and also to Janet for her organisation.

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