Friday 28 March 2014

07-13 September 2013 Saints Alive week in Sidholme

In early September Roger, Mary, Tim, Lydia, Paul and Helen travelled to Sidholme Christian Guild Hotel in Sidmouth for a Saints Alive music week.  It was wonderful to be at Sidholme again - the facilities are wonderful, and the meeting room is quite special with a pipe organ, stage, massive feature staircase and a chandelier!

It was a fabulous week with a large number of guests.  Paul trained the choir, and Helen the orchestra.  It was lovely to have a good number of instrumentalists on a week out of school holidays.  For the performance there were two violins, a cello, a flute, a clarinet, a guitar, a bass guitar, a piano accordion, a French horn (playing the viola part!) and Paul on his keyboards.

It was great to have Bill and Margaret (with their friend Eric) among the guests.  Bill and Margaret used to live in Birmingham and attend Roger and Mary's church.  They did so much to support the ministry in years past, before moving to the south coast.  We were also joined once again by Marion, the wonderful Christian Guild host.  This time she was able to take part in the performance by narrating.

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