Friday 21 December 2012

Stargazing in Eccleshall

On Sunday 2nd December, Helen travelled to Eccleshall (Staffs, not Sheffield) to lead an afternoon learning and then performing the musical Stargazers with the Saints Alive singers at the parish church.

She was greeted by with a wonderful lunch of jacket potatoes and fillings, and it was lovely to share the meal with the whole choir and band.  The day had been organised by Hazel Bradshaw, who has often had Annie come to lead musicals in days on other occasions.

There were about 30 in the choir, and they were accompanied by a wonderful little band consisting of piano, guitar, violin, cello, flute, clarinet and saxophone.  Helen was supported by 4 CMM team members  - Jonathan, who sang and also played guitar, and Richard, Carolynn and Yvette, when they eventually arrived after realising which Eccleshall they should be travelling to!

The rehearsal time went really well - Helen was a bit worried at the midway break as only the easier half of the musical had been covered, but in the second rehearsal the choir stepped up a notch and learnt the music very quickly.

The performance was very special, as it took place as part of a Christingle service, led by the vicar James.  The musical performance came first, and then the christingle ceremony concluded the service beautifully.  Because the events coincided there was a lovely large audience, including lots of children, which was great.  It was a really poignant moment when the lights were dimmed, and everyone sang a short song together.

Thanks so much to Hazel for her organisation.  A lovely day was had by all.

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