Friday 2 November 2012

Just to whet your appetite for future blog posts about Canada:

Greetings from Canada! 
Just wanted to say thanks for sharing Roger and company with us. We were truly blessed by his teaching on Wednesday and Sunday, and the musical on Saturday. 

We had a wonderful turn out for the musical. The church was full. Amy, Sarah and Paul were brilliant! Our choir found it was a very different journey than with ROCK. That being the only other musical that the Kanata group had presented. It carried its powerful message a little quieter, not a lot quieter, but a little. Maybe helps one catch a glimpse of how it would have felt in the first century learning that someone had been raised from the dead. As Roger says, "... when people encountered the power of Christ in the early Church, they either joined/followed or persecuted it." That's called having an impact, smile! 

I know some of our folks are signed on for the Israel tour. That should be grand. Hope that we can continue to journey together in faith. We in North America need the true joy of the Gospel. We are so apathetic! Numbed by our abundance. Roger's music brings that joy first hand! Gives us a bit of a wake up! 

I pray all is well with your work and family.Every blessing in Christ,Craig+

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