Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Canada part 1

Earlier in October Roger, Mary, Sarah, Amy and Paul set off for Canada for a visit that lasted just over a week and included a couple of performances of Two Sisters and a Funeral as well as some other workshops sharing with various churches.  The flight from Birmingham to Paris was slightly delayed, which caused their luggage to be left behind, but otherwise all went well.  Here is the first update from Roger from their first church visit to St Barnabas' church, Deep River:

Hi Folks
We have just had a really great Sunday, At the morning service I preached and the Team helped lead the worship and introduced some "Seasons and Reasons" ("We believe" and "We come with songs", etc). The locals really seemed to respond well, as did Francois the Rector.

In the afternoon we led a Youth Meeting which consisted of about 10 boys (aged 12-16) and 1 girl who insisted on staying at the side and just onlooking. I was very apprehensive about this, but it went amazingly well. I had to use every "trick of the trade" to handle one of the boys, but he responded well, I taught them about the Tabernacle (although some of them knew as much as me!), got them moving around the church doing thanks and praise. Then at the front we talked about a "force field" that stopped them entering the Most Holy Place. We had a competition to see who did the best "Star Trek" impression of hitting the force field! I then told them about the Cross and the tearing of the curtain. The all went silent, and I invited them to ask Jesus into their lives. They all seemed to go with this so we entered the altar area (Most Holy Place) sat down and I asked the Spirit to come on them. They all seemed receptive so I laid hands on each one and gave them a "word"! As I write this I am amazed at God's grace in how he overruled what could have been a very tricky situation. Praise to Him!
The evening worship seminar went very smoothly and we talked about and demonstrated the "Praise Block". We did some PSHs, then Sarah, Amy and Paul sang and played prophetically before closing with "Precious and Honoured". 
Today is free until this evening when we demonstrate TWO SISTERS. They haven't learnt it so we will just sing it though, with a local "Jesus". It's difficult to know how the CMM ministry will impact long-term, but I feel it very right that we have been here.
We travel back to Kanata, Ottawa tomorrow, All the team are well and enjoying themselves. 
Missing you all. Thanks for prayers, etc.

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