Thursday 20 September 2012

Your performances

September seems to be the month where a number of churches are planning their Christmas events and are thinking about putting on a musical.  Do let us know if you'll be performing one of Roger's musicals - we'd love to pray for you, and put the dates up here on the CMM blog!

A group in the Stokesley/Middlesbrough area are putting on While Shepherds Watched on Saturday November 26th.  Helen, the local choir organiser, realised that it was 25 years since the choir originally met together to perform While Shepherds Watched as part of the original tour at Middlesbrough town hall.  At that event there were 147 in the choir, and Roger visited with his team of soloists including Tim, who is now working in the office here!  Tim took the role of Shem the shepherd boy.  Helen is trying to get many of the original choir together for a special reunion.  We pray for them as they enjoy singing the music and being in fellowship again.  We also pray that God's message of salvation through the incarnation of Jesus will come across loud and clear to all those watching and participating.

We also know that some other groups are putting on this musical in the next few months - a group in Oxfordshire, as well as our own CMM choir here in Birmingham.

Also, on December 1st we are having a special day where we learn the musical from scratch - singers and instrumentalists welcome of all abilities.

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