Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Thank you from St Thomas More School

Our day today was brightened by St Thomas More School, who have sent us a beautiful book full of pictures and letters following our visit to them a couple of weeks ago.  Hopefully I'll be able to put a couple of pictures up here in time, but for now, here are the letters that they sent.

Dear Annie, Roger and Helen
Thank you for coming to St Thomas More and giving us the Sing Up platinum award and teaching us new songs.  I really enjoyed playing in church.  I also liked doing the penguin warm up.  I hope you can come again.

To Annie, Helen and Roger
Thank you for teaching us new songs.  We had a great day.
From Year 1/2

To Roger, Annie and Helen,
Thank you
From Reception

Dear Roger, Helen and Annie,
Thank you for all of your happiness that you gave to our community.  Your singing and happiness made our school sing always!  Our singing is now a SUCCESS!  Your happiness gave joy to our singing world.  We will be thinking about the 3 of you as we travel around our world of singing.  We hope that you will have many more journeys along the way.  We will keep you in our hearts of praise!

We just wanted to say a great BIG thank you, for all the music you've taught us!  We will miss your magic of singing!  By your singing people are able to sing better.

We hope that you'll have many more journeys all around the world.

Good luck!
From year 3

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