Monday 9 July 2012

A Sing Up Celebration

Last week on Tuesday Helen and Annie visited St. Thomas More School in Sheldon.  The school, led by Sr Susan had achieved an amazing Platinum award from 'Sing Up!', which means that they include singing throughout the school day - even when they are taking the register!  Sr Susan has used a lot of Roger's music over the years in her different schools, and this school even performed Jerusalem Joy back at Easter.

CMM were invited to the school to help them celebrate winning the award, and Helen and Annie led a day where they learnt lots of songs to sing in the special assembly at the end of the day.

At the start of the day it was the turn of the school choir.  They have amazing voices and sound beautiful.  The choir learnt the tricky verses and descants, and were able to hold everything together.

After the choir, it was a full school rehearsal, where we went over bits they already knew, and taught the special new song for the day - Jesus comes riding into town.

Then Helen and Annie worked with years 3 and 4, teaching them 'Jesus, Friend of little children' from Jairus' Daughter.

The reception classes had a very special little bit to learn - 'Jesus, you're the way' from 'Jesus I will come with you.  Years 1 and 2 learnt the 'Jesus I will come with you' section of the same song in the afternoon.

Years 5 and 6 had fun just before dinner learning 'God is our shelter and strength'.  They even  put some actions to it.

After the hard work came the assembly.  Roger came for lunch and he was able to take part the assembly, playing keyboard and leading a couple of songs.  He also presented the award to the children.

This was the programme from the assembly:

Violin and viola group - Be still for the presence of the Lord

O, give thanks to the Lord (From Pharaoh to Freedom) - choir on verses everyone on choruses

The Lord's my shepherd (David) - choir on verses, everyone on choruses

God is our shelter and strength (Psalms collection) - years 5 and 6

Jesus, friend of little children (Jairus' Daughter) - years 3 and 4

Talk by Claire from Sing Up

Jesus I will come with you (A Grain of Mustard Seed) - reception, years 1 and 2, choir on verses

Roger introduces himself and leads 'Brother and Sisters' (Saints Alive)

Presentation of award

Jesus comes riding into town (Two Sisters and a Funeral)

Talk by the Catholic Priest

Thank you, thank you (Apostle)

Sr Susan played along on her guitar and flute, and the other music teacher Katie Jordan did an amazing job looking after us - she chickened out of playing her piano accordion though, insisting she had to look after the powerpoint!  It was a great day, and we pray for the students and staff of the school that they have a great rest this summer.

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