Friday 6 July 2012

Seasons and Reasons Day

On Saturday Roger, Annie, Bill, Paul, Richard and Amy travelled to Salisbury to lead our first ever 'Seasons and Reasons' Day using the new book and CD for a base.  It was wonderful to be in Salisbury, as this is the home of Bishop Timothy Dudley-Smith, and he came, along with some members of his family who had travelled all the way from Ipswich.

The team were also joined by some local helpers - Grahame Chubb played the drums as well as organised the day.  Alison Larkham played cello, while her husband Andy did a lot of choir training.  They were a huge help and wonderful supporters.

Roger divided the day into several sections:
Psalms and Seasons - which picked out the music from the book which was based on Psalms, and some others that fitted into the various seasons such as Christmas, ascension.

Rites, Rhymes and Reasons - which looked at why we worship, and also included some of the songs that fit particular events such as baptism or the creed.

Come, let us praise the Lord - this was the finale of the day, which was a worship service which included an interview with the Bishop as well as lots of songs/hymns from the book.

The day went very well, and the team received some lovely comments at the end.  This comment came from the vicar at the church:

Dear Roger,Thank you, and all your team, very much indeed for travelling down to put on such an inspirational day. Everyone I spoke to found it spiritually energising and uplifting - 'tingles down the spine' was one comment. I am very hopeful that we will be able to introduce at least some of the hymns & songs into our regular worship in the Winterbournes. Rev Peter Ostli-East

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