Thursday 22 March 2012

Time in Cyprus

While Helen and Annie were very busy with CMM, Roger and Mary were off exploring Cyprus - sight-seeing, establishing useful CMM contacts, and leading various events.

They even went sailing!

These were Roger's updates:

Roger & Mary fly out to CYPRUS tomorrow. It's another sabbatical excercise that involves a bit of a holiday but also various meetings. The Lord seems to be speaking to us about Cyprus with a view to some kind of future CMM ministry. We will see! 

Cyprus update - today we travelled to Ayia Napa (what a terrible place!) yet met some wonderful Christians at the Anglican/Scandinavian church. I played the keyboard and shared about CMM. In the evening I preached at a Greek Orthodox / Anglican service. It was truly wonderful being with these folk. They are a small fellowship but the Lord is really amongst them. Simon Holloway (formerly Birmingham and Horley) is the Chaplain here.

We have now reached our last evening in Cyprus so travel home tomorrow. It has been an amazing time, meeting lots of really lovely people. We will be praying about whether the Lord is leading us to return at some time in the future.

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