Monday 19 March 2012

An evening with Alison

The day after Annie and Helen's trip to Stapleford didn't let up at all.  After both were involved in morning services in Birmingham, it was straight over to Harborne for an evening with Alison Fuggle.  As with the evenings with Devon, Alison was backed up by the wonderful CMM choir, plus a few extras.  This time the extras were Jonathan on guitar, Liz on flute, Paul on horn and vocals, and Amy on clarinet and vocals.  Annie conducted the choir and sang a bit, and Helen also sang and helped with a little bit of compering.

Alison shared a number of her poems and quite a lot of testimony, and the choir sang some of her wonderful lyrics.  We are incredibly thankful for Harborne Baptist's willingness to let us take over one of their cafe church sessions and the Minister David's wonderful welcome.  There was a really good audience - it is always good to have Devon in an audience starting the clapping off at the end of every piece!

It was clear that people were really blessed at the event, and we hope to have some more in future.  Well done Alison!

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