Thursday 16 February 2012

Events coming up...

Before Roger went away on sabbatical, he was worried his CMM staff wouldn't have enough to do.  How wrong he was!  The CMM Events wing is particularly busy, beginning a run of events on Saturday 25th with a singing day at Barnt Green.  Over 60 have booked already, which is really exciting, and Katie and Steve have great plans for the day.

Then on 3rd and 4th March we have two evenings with Devon - one in Marston Green and one at his home church on the edge of King's Heath.  We've had a couple of these in the past over a year ago, and it's great to try again, as they were such lovely evenings.  Devon will share some testimony and do some singing accompanied by the CMM choir and various instrumentalists.

On 11th March we have an evening with Alison, which will be similar but starring Alison's wonderful lyrics and poems.  This evening will be at Harborne Baptist Church, where some of the CMM choir rehearse every week.

Finally on Saturday 17th March we have the first ever CMM youth and young adult day.  If you know any young musicians/actors/dancers do encourage them to get in touch with us.

Details of all the events can be found here.

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