Monday 13 February 2012

Apostle in a day, Oxford

On Saturday, Helen and a team travelled to north Oxford for Apostle in a day.  The invitation had come from Elizabeth Kirby and the Christian Music Fellowship Choir in Oxfordshire.  CMF Oxon have been supporters of CMM for a long time, and it was great to be able to travel to them.  The team were Paul Herrington, Eddie Smith, Ann Steer, Amy Carter and Rob Holman.  It was Rob's first event with us - he is at Regent's College in Malvern doing a degree in Theology and Performing Arts.  He played guitar for the day, and was absolutely brilliant.

We had a choir of over 20 singers, some of whom had been looking at the music a little before the day, which helped enormously.  The choir worked really hard and produced a lovely blended sound.  Eddie sang the part of Paul, and did a great job, particularly as it is a very big part.

It was lovely to be able to use live instruments rather than backing track - Paul was the maestro on the piano, and as well as Rob on guitar we had Amy playing clarinet and flute.

The audience weren't huge but they were very appreciative and the performance went very well - almost without a hitch!  Ann, a member of the choir, provided the narration - she is the regular narrator for the choir and puts in a huge amount of expression.

CMF Oxon are a wonderful example of a choir that have become a family, a wonderful fellowship group.  At every rehearsal they have a worship time, and spend a lot of time in prayer.  God is clearly doing wonderful things with them.

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