Tuesday 23 August 2011

Rock in Yardley and Digbeth

At the start of July, Roger, along with Annie and Sarah, went to Yardley and Digbeth in Birmingham to take part in their performances of Rock.  The main organisers of the event included Anne Maddox, who used to work in the CMM office.

The choir, soloists, actors and dancers had been preparing for weeks, and all Roger had to do was to conduct the performances - although of course that's a lot harder than it sounds!  Annie and Sarah played their instruments, adding an extra dimension to the final performances over the weekend.

The soloists did an excellent job, and it was also great to see Jacob Maddox as one of the dancers.

It was a wonderful community event, and incredibly well attended.  It shows how useful a tool the musicals can be when churches get together to share the gospel in a way that is accessible and fun.

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