Monday 8 August 2011

Renewal Evening - Bishop Michael Whinney

On Sunday 26th June, we held the latest of our series of Renewal Evenings at Christ Church, Ward End.  This time the speaker was Bishop Michael Whinney, who has long been a friend and supporter of CMM.

This was the first time Roger has been missing for one of these services, so instead Helen led the worship with a wonderful team - Pat, Katie and Martin on vocals, Amy on flute and tenor sax, Miriam on clarinet, Dave on guitar and soprano sax, Annie on keys and Tim on drums.

Before Bishop Michael spoke, we were honoured to hear a testimony from Rev Walter Barrientos, who was a representative of the Anglican diocese of Bolivia.  He had a wonderful story of a miraculous healing from cancer, and he shared with us a little about the church in South America.

It was lovely to hear Bishop Michael, and he led into a wonderful time of openness to God's Spirit.  We all got into pairs and prayed for one another, which was slightly different to the usual ministry time, but it ensured that everyone was blessed and involved.  Annie led the music during the ministry time.

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