Thursday 5 May 2011

Jerusalem Joy on the Isle of Wight (2)

The performance of Jerusalem Joy was held on the evening of Good Friday - a really special moment for all of the guests and the CMM team.

Jonathan Chappell took the part of Jesus, and the other solos were filled in by some of the guests.  There was a big orchestra too, including guitars, flute, clarinet, violin, Roger on piano and Phil on bass.  The congregation was really big, and everyone from the hotel came to watch if they weren't already performing.

The performance went really well - Annie conducted, with Roger playing piano as there was no need for backing track with such a wonderful group.  The soloists all did a brilliant job too.

One of the delights of the week has been the hotel and its ethos - it is run more as a Christian community than a business, and the leaders and all of the staff came and joined in whenever they could.  Many of the staff are young people on gap years, and they joined in the choir and orchestra.

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